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12/27/2017 5:18 PM

Honda Crx 1 gen Supercharger 350HP


Price: 14400


  • Car: Honda CRX


For sale a heavily modified Honda CRX first generation
Unique project, car was completely rebuilt from scratch (painted NH0) and then installed the following modifications:

Engine: 2400cc
- Block K24a3, head K20z4 RSP
- Oil Pump K20
- Brian Crower stg 2 camshafts
- Skunk2 Valve Springs and retainers
- Custom Mounts for engine
- Custom tick radiator + spal fan


Full set of oryginal TTS perormence supercharger kit:
- Supercharger Rotrex C30-94
- RC injectors 750 cc
- Custom piping
- Custom intercooler
- Misting system for intercooler
- K-tuned header + 2.5 '' Exhaust

- Competition clutch
- Ep3 gear set + final drive FD 4.3 + six gear 0.647
- Custom made driveshafts


- Torsion bars 28 mm
- Custom tracion bar
- Shock absorbers: rear Bilstein B8 + volgland - 30 mm, Front- oem
- Energy suspension master kit,
- Adjustable Panhard rod
- change to 4x114.3
- Wheels- Sprint Hart CP-Dunlop Formula 15 f / 6.5 et. 42
- Yokohama Advan AD08 195/50/15 dot. 2012 (They should be changed)

- brake master cylinder 15/16,
- Front Swap for 262mm discs
- Back- oem

- Full rebuild body, no rust
- Full oem interior
- Honda accord shifter for oem interior
- rollcage
- Sabelt harness
- Electric sunroof
- Electric windows

- Hondata K-pro
- UTCOMP- PRO -Universal Trip Computer for engine monitoring

add on:
- original crx Wolf front end bra
- Some spare parts

Now 350hp on very low boost (0.4-0.5 bar), easly to achiw over 400hp
I have this car for about 3 years. Many modification was done and now I’m starting new project. I have many Picture from build. Low milage. Due to the age (29 years), some minor scraches on car
Car is very very fast - 12,64sec 1/4mili time on street tires
Car is full street legal

I can sell without a engine and supercharger
If you have any question, feel free to ask

mail or tel: +48507091657


Land: Poland

Telefon: +48507091657


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