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12/8/2017 4:04 PM

Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 230HP


Price: 4000 euro


  • Car: Alfa Romeo 147


Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 Racing, Rallycross, trackday - ideal to start a prosecution or training.

Hello, I have to sell my racing car which was built on the previous season. Unfortunately, for various reasons it participated only twice in competitions in Brno and Slovakiaring in Slovakia Cup. Below full specifications, more on e-mail or invite you to a personal contact.
Transport is possible.
Auto fully prepared for the season. Currently regenerated calipers at the rear. A lot of spare parts.

Alfa Romeo 147:

ENGINE: Built by Tomek Strozik (Fiat, Alfa specialist) two-liter engine with a capacity of 1995 cm3 (ie, 2.0 liters :) holding a trumpets and ITG filter (intake), of course, fully encased on good components, oil Motul 300V, oil cooler Mocal, Ecu EMU ecumaster, custom exhaust system with exhaust header

FUEL: Only 100 Shell Racing, two Bosch fuel pumps with Swirlpot, braided steel cables

TRANSMISSION: Original Alpha 1.6 with the shortest ratio including lLSD. Special clutch

SUSPENSION: Front and rear fully on uniballs, rear beam adjustable front with an enlarged angle than the series shock absorbers and springs Bilstein B8 cured.

BRAKES: calipers from Alfa GTA Brembo pads from Ferodo 3000, a separate braking for front and rear adjustment using balancer - all manage by OBP Pedal box including brake and clutch pump

STEERING: OMP steering wheel with quick-quick removal, electric power, possibly a whole moved to the rear for better weight distribution

WHEELS: Motorsport Team Dynamics 17 "plus distances with 8 Yokohama 230/610 in very good condition

SEAT BELTS: Sparco with a valid homologation for another 5-6 years,, 5pkt Belts

ROLLCAGE: made well developed, with full compatibility FIA Appendix J

BODY: Mask of fiberglass 15kg lighter than the original windows from polycarbonate, carbon SPOILER made by the longest cable car from the GT with a width of 160cm

BATTERY: an isolated gel in a separate housing

WEIGHT: 990kg, can be removed 20-30kg.

The car fully prepared to prosecute in accordance with the rules Touring Car, ideal to start racing history or a car to practice or play. Price funny, who built the car knows how much are all these things one by one ....

Feel free to contact.


Land: Poland

Telefon: +48608322016


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