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12/1/2017 11:16 PM

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2 rally car, MSA logbooked, fully forged, anti-lag, GEMS ecu etc


Price: £8499


  • Car: Mitsubishi Lancer


Factory date:1994

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2, second in class 8 N.I. Championship 2017, 2.0 litre turbo, MSA logbooked rally car, gravel spec (although I’ve only used it on sealed surfaces), fully forged engine, GEMS ECU, turbo freshly rebuilt by Rae Morris two events ago with lighter billet wheel, anti-lag, strong AST gravel coilovers, fully underguarded, 100% finishing record in 2017 thanks to meticulous preparation and maintenance by Biggerstaff Motorsport. Excellent weld-in Custom Cage that was installed by an M-Sport fabricator. MOT’d until September 2018. Wrapped in blue.

Some history…

The car was purchased from England in 2015. It was used by the previous owner on gravel rallies, highlights of which included a ninth overall finish at the 2013 Greystoke Stages and a fourth fastest overall time at the 2015 Jack Frost Stages. Car was brought to Northern Ireland towards the end of 2015 and only did one gravel sprint in Ireland at Ballyfeeney in 2016 where it finished third overall (with Pacenotes owner Simon Mooney driving).

2017: I entered five Northern Ireland Championship events in 2017, finished all five events and took second in class 8 in the N.I. Championship behind an Evo X. Results included 23rd overall at Pacenotes Rally Mag Stages (first event in two years), 16th overall at Bishopscourt Stages and 14th overall at the season ending Sunset Rally where we also set a sixth fastest overall time on the final stage. (Check the results on rallyscore.net)

The Spec…

Evo 2 RS with full weld-in international spec Custom cage
Front and rear Ralliart strut braces
Front sill jacking points
Full under floor Kevlar guards
Kaylan rear arm guards
WRC alloy sump guard.

Engine & Gearbox

Fully forged engine
HKS steel head gasket
ARP studs
Balance shafts removed
Engine was built by Tommy MacKay (TM Mechanical Engineering) to Phil Marks (PMED) specification.
Evo 3 turbo just rebuilt by Rae Morris two events ago with a lighter billet wheel.
34mm restrictor.
Helix paddle clutch, transfer box stripped checked and resealed.
GEMS ECU mapped by Phil Marks, runs 1.7 bar of boost and has anti-lag. Originally mapped on V-power and CVL turbo. I have run the car on a mixture of race fuel and super unleaded to keep it safe. (Can’t get V-power in Northern Ireland.)
Upgraded fuel pump.


AST upgraded gravel coilovers (strong and reliable) new 10 events ago.
Car is fitted throughout with Ralliart or polybushes.


Standard Mitsubishi gravel calipers on front (same as Evo 9)
Standard Evo 2 calipers on rear.
Hydraulic handbrake
Pivot altered pedal box (DSM)
Fitted with Vacuum pump (so you can still run servo brakes with anti-lag)
Braided brake lines run throughout car


Plumbed in 2.5l lifeline and 2l handheld fire extinguishers.
Trip type master switch.
Carbon floor wells.
6 point harnesses in date until end of 2018.
1 Sparco seat in date until end of 2017, one Sabelt seat in date until end of 2018.
Racetech boost, oil and fuel pressure gauges.
Micro heater, small but effective at clearing the windscreen.

Love the car and will be sorry to see it go but I’m taking a year out from rallying and there’s little point in it gathering dust in the garage. This is about as cheap as you can get for a four-wheel drive MSA logbooked rally car, especially one with a forged engine and all the other upgrades. Car would break into more but I wouldn’t like to see that happen. It has been extremely reliable and is more than capable of springing a few surprises. Probably even more capable of doing so on gravel – I’m just sorry I never tried the loose!

Car based in Northern Ireland but UK/Ireland delivery possible at cost price. Will get more pics up over the weekend of interior etc.


Land: United Kingdom

Telefon: +44 (0)7989 283055

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