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1/3/2018 11:17 PM



Price: 42 000 €


Factory date:2005

For Sale Citroen C2R2MAX.
The car is very invested.
In 2016:
– the body is completely sanded and painted.
– adjustable boss suspension (after review)
Bought a new putty in the “citroen sort” folded in and tuned by “Vancik motorsport”.
– “sadev” gearbox new
– new semi-axles
– clutch, clamp, new flywheel
– original new cooler C2R2MAX
– new engine installation
– new seats R HRX
– HRX straps 6pts. new
For all new parts invoice for inspection.
All other parts were sandblasted and galvanized. I have a lot of spare parts new and used and second car bodies.
The car after folding passed 500 km of special stages.


Land: Poland

Telefon: +48693603649

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