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12/20/2017 9:36 PM

Porsche 911 SWB Mod 1967


  • Auto: Porsche 911


Porsche 911 coupe SWB, mod 1968, matching numbers,
paint new, new interieur, engine overhauled, interim model 742 made,

2. This car is made in 1968 (last SWB model)
3. I made rebulit 15 years ago unfortunately there weren't photos made from the rebuilt .
I found some pictures before restoration.(brown car)I will send them. You can see how good solid basic.
4. I bought 2002 in USA California.
I m the first owner in Europe 14 years a go. I think this is Collector Car but is possible daily drive .
Nowadays is very rare similar original ( unmolested) body.
This model was made only 742 car ( 1968 and SWB)
5.The car has single paint. We are in 2003 the old paint was picked off after it got new paint.
6. The carrera is a sticker.


Land: Germany

Telefon: 00491752467405

Superstrada Tony Erker

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