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7/9/2018 9:15 PM

Dynamometer Dynorace 4wd


Price: 21.000€



Im selling a dynamometer Dimsport Dynorace 4wd capable up to 400kw/axle.

Almost new, only 13 cars were mapped in this dyno and is complete, except the cooling fan, which is not included.

All the rest of the equipment is included, software, PC, rollers, hidraulic adjustment of the rollers for different wheelbases, etc.

Its lying in dry storage for 2 years, so maybe installing requires change some air pipes or so, MAYBE, it was dismantled running perfect.

Must go, so the price is a real bargain. It cost new is around 95.000euros.

The dyno sits in northern Spain.

Any questions, only ask by email.


Land: Spain

Telefon: +34 658897059


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